REQ, Appeal for Deepavali Clothing

Dear Followers,
SWEET CARE WELFARE SOCIETY is looking sponsors for deepavali clothing. Our home is located at No 73 Jalan Bidara 3/3, Taman Bidara Selayang 68100 Batu Caves Selangor and we are not funded by the government.

We wish to provide at least 1-2 outfits for the children . There are 75 children and 17 adults living at our home (aged from 2 months up to 26 years children and 33 years up to 62 years adults). We have estimated a cost of RM 100 for children below the age of 12 & and RM 150 for children above the age of 12.
Most of our children are abandoned. Sweet Care wish to put a big smile on their faces during this festival of light. Let us light up their day by contributing generously. Please note that we will be arranging dinner for the children on eve of Deepavali. Anyone want to contribute towards that are most welcome to contribute too. It is a day for the triumph of good over evil and sadness .Let us together bring what little happiness that we can do to these God’s gift to our community.

Below is the breakdown of the total cost ;

Overall total estimated cost for children = RM 10,050
Total cost for children below the age of 12 = RM 4,200
Total cost for children above the age of 12 = RM 5,850

Those wishing to sponsor for these children, please contact us for details or you may reach us by Calling/WhatsApp to Thanam Krishnan the president of Sweet Care Home. Thanking in advance for your cooperation. ~ Admin

No.contact : 010-2656296
Email : saraanu19@gmail.com
Bank A/C : 4685584211 (Public Bank)
No.Office : 03-61227863


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